Your Japanese Website invites a lot of Japanese to your hotel

illions of Japanese Internet users have difficulties in reading or understanding English Web pages and the demand for important translated English pages are getting larger and larger. To meet people's demand, our company has started to create a Web site in Japanese showing a collection of Bed and Breakfasts and Hotels in the world.
Our samples
We are sure that this will be a great opportunity for you to advertise your B&B/Hotel in Japan.

The followings are the detail of our service;We will translate your English text into Japanese.

The Japanese version of your Web page will be created and will be run on the TeleBusiness Inc. WWW server for six months. The new Web page will also be registered on major Japanese search engines to increase the chances of attracting future customers to your Web page.

Keep in mind that not only your Japanese Web page but also your original English Web page will be made accessible from TeleBusiness Inc. WWW server. For the convenience of the future communication with your potential customers, we will work as your Japanese agent for free of charge; we will offer translation service for replying any inquiries or handling bookings from Japanese customers.

The costs will be:
Translation Fee (up to 1000 words) $300
HTML File Creation Fee $30 per page
Running on TeleBusiness Inc. Server Fee $400 per six months
TeleBusiness Inc. Japanese Agent Fee Free!

Why not try out our service to experiment on effectiveness and efficiency of this system on the Japanese market?
If you have interest, please feel free to contact us.
You can ask us to provide you with a quotation for translating your Web site.

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